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The photos were taken near the Development on 25 October 2023. All photos have been edited and processed with computerized imaging techniques and are for reference only. The photos do not constitute nor shall be construed as the Vendor making any offer, commitment, representation or warranty, whether express or implied, with respect to the view of any part of the Development or with respect to the Development. The Vendor advises prospective purchasers to conduct an on-site visit for a better understanding of the relevant property, the Development, its surrounding environment and the public facilities nearby.


Media Bank

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Enquiry Hotline: (852) 6251 6168

Project Manager:

Name of the street and street number of the Development: 38 Cheung Sha

|District: South Lantau Coast|

The address of the website designated by the Vendor of the Development:

Information to Purchasers and Disclaimers

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Last Updated on: 20-2-2024

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